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Baffled by change in Task Pane appearances, scenes and decals...

Question asked by P. Coe on Mar 23, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2011 by P. Coe

Dear all,


completely new to CAD and Solidworks (started using Solidworks 2011 in Jan 2011).


The task pane tab for appearances, scenes and decals used to offer me a wide range of material appearances to chose from.

I could for example, select copper, brushed and drag this appearance onto the part I was working on

and it would nicely change its appearance to that of brushed copper (well close enough for me)


The problem is that now, the self same menu has "lost" all its choices.

All I have now is the choice between Colours (only one default grey on offer)

and Textures (only one chessboard black and white chequered pattern)

[See attached png screen capture]


I've tried digging in menus, sub menus, help on the web and in this forum

but nothing seems to directly address this problem.


I haven't knowingly fiddled with any internal settings but I might have switched something off inadvertently?


Any advice welcome.