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Virtual Documents (.cvd) in EPDM using Windows 7

Question asked by Tim Turpin on Mar 23, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2011 by Wayne Matus

Needing some help.  Just got new computer with Windows 7.  I can no longer create virtual documents (.cvd) files.  On XP I do the following steps:


Go to appropriate directory, rt click on folder, place cursor above NEW and then select Virtual Document from flyout, and proceed.  On 7, selecting virtual document is no longer an option.  How do I create my virtual documents (.cvd) files now.  Not everyone has switched to 7, they are still on XP and can create the virtual documents (.cvd files). 


We are still using EPDM2008 and this works just fine but have found some quirks since I upgraded to Windows 7.


Is there a new process for doing this on Windows 7 machines?  Is there an alternate?


Thanks, Tim...