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In exploded assembly, I can no longer select geometry in the graphics window, setting or nasty bug?

Question asked by Jay Andrews on Mar 23, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2011 by Keith Parker

I am on sw2010 sp5, and on a brand new dell with12gb ram and 2gb workstation vram, so the hardware "shouldn't" be the problem. So anyway, I recently created this exploded view, and now suddenly in trying to work on the exploded config I can't select anything in the graphics view, including trying to manipulate the explode lines 3d sketch.  Actually, if I click where the unexploded assembly would be, I can select things that way, but the parts aren't there, so it's like shots in the dark.  Of course I can select from the feature tree, but that is extremely cumbersome and also unreliable, that acts goofy too.  Anyone hear of this and maybe even have a solution?  BTW I did reboot and it's still the same.  Wire frame, still the same.