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Resultant Force Error

Question asked by Ben Hallett on Mar 23, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2011 by Ben Hallett

Hi all,


I'm new to using Solidworks simulation (have previously used Mechanica).


I have created a model where i want a minimal 6 point contraint system.  At one of the points I have used a bearing fixture that allows rotations in all axes but fixes translations (spherical bearing).  I have run a frequency model and it seems to be doing what I want.  However when i run a 1G gravity load and check my resultant force is the same as the model mass I get an incorrect resultant force (resultant force is equivalent to just ovver 50% mass) if i change this bearing fixture to a fixed constraint then i get the correct reation force for the mass of the assembly.


Has anyone come across this, is it just a reporting error or should i not rely on the stresses from a model using these constraints.  I maybe using the constrain incorrectly though any ideas appreciated..


Oh by the way for the 1G case the stresses were slightly different but not by much and that may be due to using the fixed contraint?