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Weld Bead vs Fillet Bead

Question asked by Matt Lombard on Mar 22, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by Jehan Kothari

I'm hoping to find someone who uses the Weld Bead and/or Fillet Bead tools. I'd like to get the point of view (opinion or experience) of someone with some real use experience with these tools about which one to use and why, and if you like one over the other. Also, any idea why SW would want two features that do the same sort of thing?


My own observations after not a lot of use is that the Weld Bead tool is available in both assemblies and weldments, and seems to be more flexible, or leaves a lighter footprint on the model (less rebuild time). It doesn't seem as clunky as the Fillet Bead. If you go in the Help to Weldments>Weld Beads>Fillet Weld Beads, the name they use there is confusing, since it combines both "fillet" and "weld", when the two tools themselves seem to be named "fillet bead" and "weld bead". I'd just like some clarification on the naming and intended use. Help also says Weld Bead is recommended, but it doesn't say specifically why.


I'm kind of getting things in my head confused with the older tool that did this functionality that made actual parts out of the weld beads in the assembly. The naming is getting all jumbled up for me, since I think I'm remembering that the old tool was called Weld Bead, and was an utter disaster. If someone could fill in the gaps in my SolidWorks history as regards this feature, I'd be grateful.