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    Mesh create fail in SolidWorks Simulation.

    Julio Mendes

      I'm using a SolidWorks Premium and try to run a static analisys.

      I define constains, forces but I can't generate mesh.

      Mesh generate fail in every attemps.

      I reduce mesh size, try to use mesh control, but the system always returns the message: "Mesh creation failed for the following components"

      Does anyone had same problem?



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          Roel Scheffers

          Yes my friend, everyone has had those problems.... you'll get more and more handy with it if you practice enough... some things you can try;


          - I don't know about the complexity of your model, but you can try and simplify it a bit. Disable features, try and mesh it..etc.. and define the problem that way...

          - Try the incompatible mesh

          - Try the curvature mesh

          - Try the draft quality mesh


          Maybe upload a picture of the part which you want to mesh... it'll be of help to the guys here..

            • Re: Mesh create fail in SolidWorks Simulation.
              Julio Mendes

              Hi, Roel.


              The Simulation don't creat any type of mesh.

              I tried draft mesh, incompatible mesh, reduce the size element, mesh control and Simulation fail to creat mesh.

              My model isn't complex.

              Also I create rectangular bar and simulate a simple analisys, but the Simulation fail again.

              In a very very simple model.

              I don't had this problem at SolidWorks Simulation 2010.

              I tried to repair the instalation, uninstall and delete registry keys e so reinstall SW, but nothing worked.

              Anyone know about a process or dll corrupted can cause this failure?


              Thanks all.