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Return of the Living Toolbox Components

Question asked by Danielle Ohallisey on Mar 21, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2011 by Mark Tafelski



One of my clients has created an extensive library of fasteners, taking parts that were originally Toolbox derived and changing their flag to "no" with the sldsetdocprop utility.  This was all good, until they upgraded to SW 2011.  Now all of the fasteners have reverted to toolbox parts, losing tons of work and time on assembly drawings because, of course, the BOMs are all messed up.

The situation gets weirder; someone opened up one of these assemblies and meticulously changed each fastener from its Toolbox version to the parts that we'd saved before, with their toolbox property set to negative.  When he opens up the assembly it reads in correctly, as does the drawing, and all appears to be fine and happy; we have thwarted the evil Toolbox monster and can once again see the correct part numbers and descriptions in the BOM; the assembly file shows real parts, not Toolbox parts.  Until someone else opens the same assemblies.


--> Check this out; if I log in as myself on the same computer, open the same assembly file from the exact same location, SolidWorks overwrites all of these fastener part files with copied Toolbox components.  If I log in as him and open the same file (same drive, same computer, same everything, really) it finds and uses the same parts he saved with; the not-toolbox-any-more parts saved on the C drive of, well, the exact same computer.  All of the files behave this way, so nobody can use these assemblies, unfortunately...


The only clue I have is to note that apparently sldsetdocprop doesn't install with SW2011, so maybe they've changed the rules on us?  Is there a different property we have to set now?  Is there a different utility?  Has anyone else seen this insane behavior?  I'm really kind of at the end of my rope.