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License server moved; SolidWorks no longer can acquire license

Question asked by Mike He on Mar 21, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2011 by Scott McFadden

We had to move our license server recently since the old computer died. After switching, I changed the server info through the License Manager. Now my SolidWorks client no longer acquires a license. It gives the following error box, which I also attached as a screen-shot.


Could not obtain a license for Solid Works Standard.

License server doesn’t support this request.


The SNL Server needs updating1 please contact your network

administrator, For more information browse to:




The computer administrator says that other people's installations have all worked. I have an installation both on my desktop and my laptop, running different OS's (Windows 7 and XP), and different versions of SolidWorks (32bit and 64 bit), and both give the same error. I am not on the same local subnet as other people, but the administrator said that it works for other people both on and off-campus, and that the license server has no permissions restrictions.


What could be causing this? Any help is greatly appreciated.