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How to make inserted parts and their specs appear in the BOM of a part drawing?

Question asked by Martin Devasia on Mar 19, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2011 by Scott McFadden

Hello everyone,


I'm a relatively new user to solid works. I'm working in an engineering services domain, and work for an internal customer mainly into the manufacturing of pumps.


Basically we are doing conversion of old autocad drawings into SW Parts & Assemblies and then releasing SW Drawings. More than often, our team runs into a situation where no one really knows an easier way to get around with. I'll explain the situation, and i would really appreciate if anyone coud help me on this.


We make the forging/casting models seperately and then inserts them into another SLDPRT and then does the machining operations like different booleans (mostly combine-subtract) to come to the final finished state of the component.We have a library of Machining spec numbers, saved as part files, so for instance a 5/4" ACME Threading a spec body called 2Sxxxxxx would be called into the model and then subtracted. And in the BOM of the drawing for this machined part we would like the list to show the name, description, material and weight of the parent part + all the Spec number of the inserted bodies (used for booleans - in this case 2Sxxxxxx). An auto generated BOM gives the name of the finished part and it's properties, but that is not desired.


What is done now, is we are adding a derived config to the finished model, and give the config name = the Part No. of the forged body and description = description of the forged body. And later calling this config to the BOM. But that way we have one row of the BOM, the way we want. There seems to be no other good way of making the other inserted part names and specs appear on the BOM, rather than manually adding rows and typing on it.


Hope you understood what i was trying to present, i cannot put any attatchments, because i'm asking this from my home .

Just eager to know, more than anything.