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    mesh control

      thanks Vince your solution worked nicely. See attached.

      I did notice however, that the solver take quite a bit longer to solve with the incompatible mesh, is this common? It did solve, and gave results that correlate with previous solutions. Sorry for the blab, was a bit wired yesterday.
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          Does automatic looping reduce the element size on parts in an assembly with mesh control? Or do those parts continue to be meshed with the control size?

          I have an assembly of three parts, without any mesh controls, in the first looping iteration parts 1 and 3 are meshed, part 3 fails. In iteration 2, parts 1 and 3 fail, and part 2 is meshed. In iteration three, part 1 is meshed and parts 2 and 3 fail. I have try as many starting global meshes as I can stand to try to find the sweet "size" that will accomodate them all. Does the problem lie with the contact? Is there any way to predetermine a starting size element for each part since they seem to each want different sizes?

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            HI Ken, the auto-looping does not change set mesh controls. The problem may lie with contact. If you are using bonded contact globally, change to the incompatible mesh option. If you are using No Penetration & Node-Node, change to Node-Surface.

            Does this help?

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              nevermind, just took 5 minutes to start
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                I change the global contact to Bonded-incompatible mesh. All parts mesh, however, study will not run, it hangs up.
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                  I have tried the incompatible mesh on a thermal study and found out that there is no heat transfer between parts if it is meshed as incompatible.