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PhotoView 360 or I, one of us has a glitch ;)

Question asked by Doug Calli on Mar 18, 2011

Hi all,


This is a weird one and I'm hoping someone can tell me if PV has a glitch or it's just something stupid I did!


I've been rendering the same assembly now for several weeks as it progresses.

The first weirdness I noticed was the floor offset for reflections and shadows.  Even though my assembly is located only 10" below the main top plane, I had to offset the floor a bit more than 200" to bring the floor up to the bottom of the model.  It worked, so I've been rendering it that way since.


This evening I went to render another photo and my assembly disappeared, only the background rendered.

After about an hour of tweaking everything I could think of, I remembered the large offset, re-zeroed the floor and WAA-LAA my assembly is back and now only requires a 5" offset.


My assembly is still in the same place, 10" below the main top plane but now, well,...  Any ideas what is going on?