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Solidworks 2011 (SP2) 'Solidworks Data' & sldasm loading (freezing) problem

Question asked by Erdogan Tan on Mar 18, 2011

I am using 64 bit Solidworks 2011 service pack 2.0 with Turkish language configuration, with 8 GB ram,and NVdia Quadro FX580 (512MB) video card. Operating system Windows 7 professional 64 bit (Turkish.)

I am using some SLDPRT and SLDASM files from Solidworks 2009 (english) version.


If i open a new part file (ASLKDPRT) or new assembly, or if i open SW 2009 SLDASM files there is no progbelm while loading/launching assembly.


But when i open a 'SLDASM' file which have an elşement (or e fetaure) which were created by using solidworks toolbox, program can not complete to open assembly.

(for example if a sub assembly has a bolt from toolbox library) there is no soltuition even if you try to change file name or copy it to local directory. (Mouse busy imöage and freezing -infinitive loop-)

After a several tryings i founda solution that if i change the name of 'lang' (Solidword Data/lang) directory/folder,  to 'xlang' or another invalid name (which could not be recognized by soldiworks) , after a 'could not found' type message solidworks can contiune to open the complete assembly except that toolbox library element.


Where is the problem, the .MDB database file (incompatible between SW 2009 and 2011) or multilanguage functional bug/defect in solidworks program?...


(program options and configurations -from menu- can not solve the problem)


What is the reason and optimum solitions for using original assembly files without removi,ng the toolbox library elemnt inany sub assembly?