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Unwanted SWFormatSize Custom Property

Question asked by Michael Wade on Mar 17, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2011 by Scott McFadden



Can somebody tell me why the custom property, SWFormatSize, gets added to my drawing custom properties when I Reload the sheet format?  I'm building a new set of ASME Y14.1(M) based formats and this is the last thing annoying me.  I have "master" drawing files that aren't associated to any part or assembly.  I use them to build the formats, set the document options, insert predefined views, etc. and then create the drawing template (.drwdot) and sheet formats (.slddrt) from them.


When I create a new drawing using the newly-created drawing template, everything is fine.  Our company's standard drawing custom properties are all in order.  But, if I "Reload" the sheet format, it adds this SWFormatSize property with a value of "11in*17in" (or whatever the current sheet size is).  I thought maybe it was because I used the $PRP:"SW-Sheet Format Size" property to display the sheet size number in the title blocks.  So I tried saving the sheet formats and templates both ways: one with the $PRP:"SW-Sheet Format Size" property and the other simply as "B" or "A3" etc.  No dice.  It still creates the SWFormatSize property when I reload the sheet format.


This bugs me because users are going to invariably ask: "What is this property?  Can I delete it?  Why is it there?"  Not to mention I don't want it.  I can delete it without it affecting anything on the drawing so why is it there in the first place?  Ugh.


I'm on SW2011 SP2.0 but this happened on SW2010 SP5.0 too.  We just upgraded to 2011 last week.


Thanks for any help.