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    How to transfer Custom Properties from Excel File

    Alex Deptala
      Part   NumberDescription 1Description 2MFG P/N#MFGVENDOR P/N#VENDORE CODEVENDOR
      700001SPACER RND 18-8 SS #8 SCR 0.50LGX0.312OD 92320A445MCMAST680McMaster-Carr   SUP.Co.


      SPRING COMPRESSION MUSIC WIRE 0.312ODX1.50LGX0.023DIA 9657K107MCMAST680McMaster-Carr   SUP.Co.
      700003SPACER RND CERAM 0.140IDX0.25ODX0.25LG 96109A160MCMAST680McMaster-Carr   SUP.Co.
      700004GROMMET RUBBER BUNA N AN391 #2101/8IDX11/32ODX3/16WALL 9307K35MCMAST680McMaster-Carr   SUP.Co.
      700005CNTRL DUAL DISP RED/GRN PID 1/16 DIN 24-28VDC SD6C-LCAA-AARGWatlow Electric Mfg.   Co.SD6C-LCAA-AARG
      Watlow Electric Mfg. Co.
      700006TEE FEM FLERTPFA TBE 1/2 OD UT8T-8-8TFN-1EntegrisUT8T-8-8TFN-1VALINC161Valin   Corporation

      How I can export the custom properties via macro all other miens across different parts

      not a drawings automatically