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Tangency mysteriously reversing on fully defined sketches

Question asked by Eric Snyder on Mar 17, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by Arlene Garfield

This is a occasional issue that comes up and I don't know:


1) What is causing it.

2) What I can do to avoid it.


I have fully defined sketches that "reverse" themselves occasionally. Below is an example. This is a quick sketch I did to illustrate the issue. The sketch on the left represents a box that has corners filleted. The arcs that create the fillets are tangent to all the lines and in a production sketch everything is fully defined. In this quick sketch not everything is fully defined but remember that in my actual models they usually are. The sketch on the right represents the issue that happens occasionally. I'll make some changes to something else in the model and my sketch somewhere else "reverses". In this case the arcs suddenly decide to go the opposite direction. Remember that the sketch below is not fully defined but in my actual model they usually are.


tangency issue.jpg


I also have a situation where a dimension suddenly reverses itself. I'll make a change somewhere else in the model and come back to the sketch and there will be a line offset to the right by 0.5" and it is now offset to the left 0.5". Sometimes these can be fixed by editing the offset dimension and changing it to be -0.5", sometimes not. It is like SolidWorks is losing it's sense of direction when rebuilding.


Lastly I sometimes see a bug where my offsets suddenly become 10x the dimension visually but the dimension is still what I originally set it at. In other words I do an offset for 0.05" and the dimension stays at 0.05" but the display shows the offset at 0.5". The only cure for this issue is to quit SolidWorks, restart and reload the file and it usually fixes itself.


I don't know if there three issues all have the root cause or not.


Has anybody else run into these issues? Are there any fixes?


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