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Orientation changes when I zoom or pan in Photo View 360 2010

Question asked by Scott Wemhoff on Mar 17, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2011 by Jeff Mowry

I am using PhotoView 360 and have a file that will not render and for what I need the quality of the screen shots will work.  I  however have to zoom in to get clarity and then my plan was to just use a photo editing program to stitch the pieces together.  The problem is that when I zoom in on one spot the orientation is different compared to another spot on the same object.  I first saved my initial view so I would have the same point to reference from however when I zoom in a spot, then go back to my original view and then zoom again on a different spot they are in different orientations.  It is the same with the pan tool.  If I pan from left to right the image is rotated to the right slightly but enough to where I cannot stitch the images together.  Is there any way to lock the view to where the object does not rotate when zooming or panning?


As far as why it won’t render the original file was drawn in Pro E and is a very large assembly to where whenever I try and render it the program just crashes.