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Dimension Doesn't Edit

Question asked by Matt Rohr on Mar 17, 2011

Anyone else run into this problem - I've only noticed it on 2011. Occasionally when I double-click dimensions I don't get the edit box - I can change the value of the dimension in the Property manager but the only way to get the pop-up back is to close the file and open it again.


A couple of things I've noticed -


It seems to only happen when I have more than one file open.

It is not file specific

It is not system specific - another user here has experienced the same thing.

I can't consistently reproduce it - sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn't.

I am using XP at work but Windows 7 at home - I don't remember if I've seen it on Windows 7 or not.


It's more of an annoyance than anything as it's easy to workaround but I am wondering if other people have seen it?