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Nonlinear simulation

Question asked by Jay Liu on Mar 17, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2011 by Jay Liu

Hi Experts,


I am transitioning from linear static to nonlinear static in solidworks right now and had a lot of failed or

never finished nonlinear simulations. Is there any basic things I have to watch out for nonlinear static simulation

compared with linear static? I want to say I am quite efficient now with linear static simulation and

actually I have used other softwares for nonlinear study before. I am thinking some material properties

I didn't have or I don't know I suppose to have for nonlinear, which is dragging me. For example, is

"tangent modulus" a must for nonlinear? Is a stress strain curve equivalent to tangent modulus and strain

hardening factor?


My simulation is not big. Usually just several components in contact. I am getting a little bit frustrated right

now. For example I am trying to run a tensile test right now. Just a 0.25in diameter X 2.0in length with fixture

and load directly applied on two end faces - trying to avoid contact first.


Thanks a lot for input and sorry my question being vague.