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IT "NO admin rights"

Question asked by Timothy Thomas on Mar 16, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2019 by Dan Essink

New to SW as we have been on SE since version 1. Enough said. Our IT dept, will not grant us permission to C:\program files\Solidworks on our new workstations. We must keep our files on a network drive, and that is slow, let alone useless to have a high end workstation. My question to all of you, does anyone out there need to tweak some of the SW files, like templates and such on their C drive in order to customize SW to their liking? Or does SW come installed with out ever needing to change anything in its directory. I am just trying to get some ammo to fire back at IT as to why we need admin rights to the entire SW directory. Any and all situations or examples would be greatly appreciated. BTY, started off with 2 seats of premium for evaluation, and plan on adding 3 more soon. Thanks in advance.