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Simulation, Beams, Joints and neautral axis... its all gone wrong!

Question asked by Michael Sheen on Mar 16, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2011 by Bill McEachern

Hi All,


I have been struggling for some time with a frame in simulation.  The frame is all made from weldments with some bends.  The main problem i have is that the joints do not show up because the neutral axis is not valid.  Its seems to be when you put a bend in that Solidworks gets confused and needs a sit down...  I have attached my file as I am totally fed up!!!


I find that some frames work and some don't... there is no trend apart from the number of bends.  I thought by increaseing the angle it would help too, which worked then it didn't.  This bug restricts my simulation design table massively so it actually hinders my work.  I am starting to question Simulation on Solidworks!


Any help, much appreciated.