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slow assembly performance?

Question asked by Mark Athey on Mar 16, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2011 by Mark Athey

aseembly I have a user who created an assembly - one part is a plate that was created in SW, the other part was imported from a STEP file, then converted using FeatureWorks (no imported features remain). The file size of this assembly in 128kb, 2 total parts. It takes almost 6 minutes to open - and it literally locks SW up.


For reference, I have another assy that has 43 parts, and its file size is 2948kb, which opens in 33 seconds.


Both are over the network, and both are not loading as lightweight...(copying to a local drive has no effect)


He has imported several parts, and they all exhibit the same behavior...even so far as to locking the system breifly after selecting File-Open and going to the folder that contains these parts.


Any clues as to what to check to resolve this?