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Folder Structure and Release Folders

Question asked by Brad Joseph on Mar 16, 2011
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I've recently started at a new company within the last month. They are all new to SolidWorks and have been using SolidEdge for quite some time. Currently the way things work is new projects have their own folders on the P driver (Production). Once a product is release they move it to the R Drive (Released). I've been unfamiliar with this process as my last company was maybe a dozen, and we just worked in one folder and my project was my project. Here only a few people have read/write access to this R drive and the files are locked. One group moves all part, assembly, and 2D's into the R Drive, and another moves their 2D's and PDF's into the R drive, severing the link between part and drawing (this is in SolidEdge not Works, so the data remains i think). We are going to be going to PDM Enterprise, just need to get a server and everything set up.


Going forward, since im not that familiar with everything EPDM can do, how should the folder structure be set up? I know EPDM controls our revisions, but most still see us having a P and R drive to have working and released drawings. Is this a smart way of doing it? Or just having a single folder with projects and items are controlled within that? Sorry that i still havent quite figured this out, but we havent messed with it too much.


Any insight would be appareciated.