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SW2011x64 SP2 - Circles are not precise !

Question asked by Abdulllah Pierdullah on Mar 15, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2011 by Anna Wood



That may look like a minor annoyance but this is really annoying.


Please, have a look:




Selected point (beginning of the centerpoint arc) intersects with angular construction line (gray dashed line) and... with a circle of 1.47 cm diameter (blue dashed lline) centered at the system origin.


For whatever reason SW draws some circles a bit smaller than they are, while snaps are active at proper locations. Please, have a look at thee two tangent circles:



You may see the big circle (1.47 cm diameter) is drawned left of 1.47 cm vertical grid line, but its snap point (tangent relation) is exactly at the expected location !


Can you confirm ?