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Instability of 2011 and crashes

Discussion created by Daniel Krempel on Mar 15, 2011
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Where do I begin?

There are days where we spend more time crashing and restarting solidworks than we spend modeling.  On a good day us modelers might crash 4 times.  On a bad day, I've crashed upward of 20 times.  This occurs more frequently on larger assemblies.  I crash creating sketches.  I crash when adding mates.  I crash when inserting a component into an assembly.  Click on a component within a drawing.  Click on a toolbox entity within a drawing.  Print something.  It doesn't really matter what I'm doing or how complex it is.

2010 had its crashes, but never this bad.  I know this for certain.  Our tech support reps keep claiming its because we use a shared network drive, and we have norton.  I don't buy into this one bit.  We never had this many problems on 2010.  I got four stations crashing repeatedly throughout the day.  Our detailer / CAM persons don't crash as much as our modelers, but its still pretty bad.

Had I known this, I would have never upgraded them to 2011.  And I'm tired of hearing our support people tell us its because we share a network drive. "Get over it"  Our shared drive use isn't going away any time soon.  I keep my computer in great running condition.  I update it regularly including its drivers. I clean the OS and unneeded junk on a regular basis.

Eventually, I got tired of filling out the little box that asks "What were you doing?" when it crashes.  Now I just type some angry disgruntled message into the box.  I wish we could go back to 2010, but its too late now.