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    FeatureManager tree area TOO narrow!

    Robert Stencel

      Our IT department thought we deserved new monitors and now there is much harrumphing.

      We went from standard 22 inch 4x3 ratio CRT’s to 22 inch 16x9 LCD’s and don’t find them as useful for CAD work.


      The biggest problem with the increased resolution and new found east and west real estate is the now a skinny FeatureManager tree area (not fly out or display pane). When a drawing is opened and a dimension or note is selected the FeatureManager tree area partially covers the information within and must be manually dragged wider (not a huge issue, just a pain).


      I played with the widescreen workspace but it still gives us the skinny FeatureManager tree area. Is it possible to increase the default width of the FeatureManager tree and keep it there?


      Any and all “moving to 16x9” tips would be appreciated.


      Thanks all...

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          Robert Stencel

          Sorry, I should have mentioned we are still using SW 2009.

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            Charles Culp



            1. You should change your part and assembly templates. Open up a blank part, move the FM bar to make it wider, then choose Save As> Part Template. This will fix your issue.


            2. Yeah, those 16:9's aren't really great for CAD, are they. I have one at home, and it is great for watching HD video. Not so great for CAD. None-the-less, here you are. I actually have a very unique setup. I keep my FeatureManager and PropertyManager seperate. Did you know you can un-dock the PropertyManager? Just drag it by the header (after bringing it up by initiating a feature). Then you can move it away from always being over-top the FM. With this ultra-wide screen, I have found that I'm not really missing out on any wasted real-estate, and then it allows be to always have the FeatureManager visible, even when the PropertyManager is up.


            Undocking really isn't unusual, but I actually take it a step further. I have my SolidWorks window not fill up the entire screen, and I actually have the PropertyManager outside the SolidWorks window. This way it doesn't appear "in front of" my model geometry, which I find annoying. You can see this workflow in the following video (click on the title to watch it on Vimeo's site in HD):


            I suggest trying something like this for a while, and see if you like it. I also found it a bit strange at first, but it quickly grew on me.

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              Robert Stencel

              Thank you gents, I’ll stretch the area and re save our templates.


              Charles, how did you undock without having to use “widescreen mode”?