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Convert sketch to 3D sketch - possible?

Question asked by Abdulllah Pierdullah on Mar 14, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2011 by Abdulllah Pierdullah

I realised I am unable to make required feature through boss-extrude -> draft.

I need to make a 3D loft from objects on two paralel planes in 3D space.

The problem is I have my profiles on regular 2D sketech not 3D sketch.


I it possible to convert 2D sketch to 3D one, so I can move a pofile along 'z' axis ???

I would rather avoid drawwing the whole stuff again on 3D plane...


I have already noticed I am unable to copy-paste from sketch to 3D sketch...


Please !!!


(another point is- how to display grid helper on 3D sketch?)