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Multibody sheet metal- making drawings ARGH

Question asked by Rachayl Duker on Mar 14, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2011 by Adam Schettler

For various reasons, we are working with some multibody sheet metal parts.

I am trying to make drawings.

The process is making me want to renounce technology and move into a cave.

Am I doing something wrong?

Also I'm on 2011 SP 0. Would going up to SP2 help?

Oh yeah here are the problems:

1. I only know of one way to insert flat patterns of individual bodies: Insert>Drawing view>Model; use Select Bodies to get the desired element; select "flat pattern" as the orientation. This works fine, but now in the part some or all of the remaining bodies remain hidden. This is the sort of hidden where if you click on the element in the tree it shows that it is not hidden and the only way to get it to reappear is to "hide" it then "show" it again. But unless and until I do this, the other bodies remain hidden.

2. If I change the dimensions in the original part the CUT LIST DOESN'T UPDATE. I made a nice cut list with Bounding box length, etc. and the values are wrong. I have to go back into the part, go into the cut list ("update" of cut list doesn't work), and click around individual cut list items so that it reloads those values. Sometimes I have to go and do the same thing in the "as welded" configuration because the cutlist automatically comes from there.


Tips please, just about sheet metal, I already heard about a nice cave and asked my husband to look into it.