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    Can you label a broken out section w/o a work around?

    Bonnie Caruthers

      I need a section of a small area but I am trying to minimize sections, detail views, etc. on this drawing.  I would rather have this as a broken out area in a full view BUT would like it labeled and linked to parent view.  I have not been able to figure a way to do this without doing a work around with many steps.  Scott, or other ProE users who might be online, this is simply a partial section view.


      This is what I want - a labeled section so it is clear where the section is referring to on parent view.  With the broken out section it is too vague which feature I may be referring to as there are 2 other similar.




      But, for this instance, I do not want just a partial view (like on the right below).  I want what is on the left (which I created with a broken out section).  I know I can write a note and label it Section W-W but I am wondering if there is an option when creating the partial view to have just that portion exposed in a full view (equivalent of a broken out section but it is linked to the actual section on parent view). Btw, the shaded/no shading has nothing to do with it.




      the message of not being properly sectioned is annoying b/c it does not give any other options.   I have looked thru the manager, help, OPTIONS and just cannot find a setting or other way to do this.  I hope this makes sense.  A simple yes or no, I can or cannot do it will suffice.  Don't need any more work arounds.  :-/  Sorry, don't mean to sound curt I am just a bit frustrated with silly limitations that cost me a lot of time