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Bolts in double shear

Question asked by Philip Lewis on Mar 11, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2011 by Philip Lewis

I do not use simulation very often but usually can get by based on the training manual. I can only do static study as I only have the version that comes with SW Premium. I have not been able to figure out the correct way to run a simulation on this lifting lug set up (see attached jpg). If I use the physical model of the bolts (3/4" bolts in 7/8" holes) I can get wildly different results based on how the bolt connections are defined.


So far I have run this with the beam as a solid. I have the global contact set to bonded. I have made sure that the 2 gusset plates are bonded by adding a bonded contact between their faces and the corresponding beam faces. All the holes have a no penitration with the bolts. The nuts are bonded to the bolts and I used virtual walls to stop the bolts/nuts from flying off into space under load.


Is there a correct way to approach this problem? I can't seem to use the SolidWorks bolts or pins functions because they don't seem work across 3 parts (double shear).