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Efficient handling the bunch of splines - possible?

Question asked by Ziggi Zag on Mar 11, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2011 by Jerry Steiger



I am new to SW (2009) and still cannot catch the right sketching methaphore...


One of the key issues I found is handling bunch of splines while sketching complex items like gears or so.


1) It seems impossible to merge many splines into one. While it is posible to apply 'merge' relation to endpoints of two splines -- that doesn't produce a single spline object. In a contrary - the nasty outcome is two splines only sharing common endpoint. This is a real hell to manipulate sketches composed of many splines - while they are meant single logical entity - they behave like a bunch of unrelated items. Very annoying !!!


2) While it is posible to select multiple splines at once - it is impossible to turn on/off 'show spline handles' option for all selected splines at once. Only first spline on the list is affected. Very Annnoying !!!


Can you please share your ideas how do you proceed in similar situations - what is the right way ???


Please !


Thanks ahead!