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Cutlist Folder Renaming Conflict

Question asked by Daen Hendrickson on Mar 10, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2020 by Matt Juric

I am using SW2010 SP4.


I have a series of similar part files with weldment features. In fact, all were created with "Save As Copy" from the first part.


I am now cleaning up the details of the part files including renaming features and adding some additional custom properties to the cutlist details. I am also renaming the folders under the cut list from "Cut-List-Item #" to something more descriptive. However, in a couple of part files I am not allowed to rename one of these folders. SW gives me the "Name already exists..." error message.


I have manually scanned the feature tree. I have used the search bar at the top of the feature tree. I can not find the conflict anywhere. Any suggestions? Another way to search? A way to purge (oh yeah, that AutoCAD)? An area that the conflict could exist OTHER than a feature name?


The name I am trying to apply is "SIDE 7 Tubing". The other cut list folders are named with the same string except a different number.


My temporary fix is to tweak the name by adding a period to the end. But I am one of those "particular" engineers and I'll notice that extra period like its a neon sign! My wife has another name for "particular", but this post might get censored if I include it here...


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.