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Don't allow penetration with random vibration?

Question asked by David Maxham on Mar 10, 2011
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In our electronic packaging designs, we do quite a bit of random-vibration analysis with Solidworks Simulation and one of, if not the only major limitation that I see with the software is that you must allow penetration as a global setting.  Yes, you can define bonded contacts which is very well handled by the software, but we also need to have the option of "do not allow penetration" as is available when conducting a static analysis.  For example, we may have a part that initially is in contact with another part but in real life the two parts can slide or move away from each other, but they can't penetrate each other and it's important in the random-vibration analysis that we capture this type of condition.


Any ideas?  Does Solidworks plan on improving the software so that "do not allow penetration" is available for random-vibration studies?  We'd hate to switch to another software package like Ansys since the Solidworks Simulation (Premium) is so easy to use and gives us good results - except for this important limitation.