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    Working with dual monitors

    Mukesh Prasad

      I have dual monitors and I would like to open up the drawing file on one monitor and the part file for the same drawing on the second monitor without using up two SW sessions. Is there a way to do this?

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          Deepak Gupta

          I'm not pretty much sure if you can do that without opening another session of SolidWorks.


          Did you tried setting the windows to tile vertically or horizontally and dragging to other monitor.

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            Keith Parker

            Resize your Solidworks window so that it fills both monitors (i.e. don't maximise onto one monitor), then use Window/Tile Vertically to show both files side-by-side. You can then adjust the two SW windows to suit the layout of your monitors.


            Note that you need to minimise or close any other SW files that you've got open at the same time for this to work, otherwise all of your open files will be displayed as tiled.

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              Joe Rochinski

              What was explained here was essentially a workaround to deal with the shortcomings of a Multipule Document Interface (MDI). With an MDI, all document windows must be contained within a single parent window which really limits your options when working with a multiple monitor setup.


              There was a discussion a couple years ago (https://forum.solidworks.com/message/56983#56983) to gauge interest in a Single Document Interface (SDI) which would give each document its own window without a parent, so each window can be moved to and maximized on a separate monitor. If you have Office 2010, the Word application behaves in this fashion. This would be great with only a couple of documents open, but I can see it turning into a headache when working on assemblies and ending up with 15 different files open.


              The tradeoff is a "hybrid" mode where windows by default load into a parent window, but can be detached and made independent at will. I would love to see something like this. They even attempted to implement this feature in 2009, but unfortunately hit some technical snags:


              Jim Wilkinson wrote:


              While we were working on this, we did look into allowing SolidWorks document windows to be dragged out of the main application window and placed on another screen so you could work on a part on one screen and have the assembly on the other for example. Unfortunately, the windows application architecture makes this very difficult. Adobe products like Illustrator and Photoshop allow it, but they have no relationships between their documents. With all of the relationships between the SolidWorks documents, it complicates matters so we couldn't get the models in the "detached" document windows to properly update. We will continue to ask for input in this area and do research to see if we can eventually come up with a good solution for having documents and possibly UI related to those documents on different monitors.


              Two major releases later and we're still stuck with an MDI. I'm not sure if they are still working on this, but I hope so.