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    File, Open....

    Billy Wight

      How come whenever I use the File, Open command or insert a component into an assembly, the dialog box comes up it always comes up showing either parts only or assemblies only?  It even somehow knows which one I'm looking for and defaults to the other one 99% of the time...  Is there a way to make it show "All SolidWorks Files" by default?

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          Ajay Dhiman

          Hi Billy ,


          You can you All files option while opening Files this will show all files in folder...find attached file for reference.

          or you can just use drag and drop files in assembly (easiest way ).


          Hope this help ..





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            Scott McFadden

            Hi Billy,

            Generally if you use the file open command more then once within

            the same file session it will remember the type you opened last.

            As far as automatically doing it I don't know of a setting that will do what

            you are looking for.  My suggestion would be to try creating a macro

            that would do this.