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pro engineer vs. solidworks

Question asked by brocade gainz on Mar 9, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2019 by John Stoltzfus

so far, only on solidworks for about a year............

pro engineer destroys this software every wich way. i would like to know some more opinions by wich someone else has experience using both.

Well I can only speak for mold design. The surfacing sucks and is hard to dreate solids from surfs compared to pro engineer.

-the p/l feature is horrible and they should come up with concept that pro has

-configurations of parts are a joke and should have family table for features instead, much simplier and faster.

-why do assemblies references get suppressed in the middle of working?

-i mean after using pro for over 10 years why would anyone who wants speed, stability, and manufacturability spend money on this?

Pro vs. solidworks is like driving a yugo compared to a merecedes.

Any comments-

And every time a ask a question on a forrum i am answered with a solution to try to do something else than what I am accomplishing!


Either I talk my current employer into pro or time to find a new job!