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Is it possible to create an equation driven linear sketch pattern?

Question asked by Darren Neupert on Mar 9, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2011 by Charles Culp

This one has me confounded.  I am attempting to model a piece of convoluted foam (egg crate foam).  My initial sketch is driven by variables for the Length, Width, Peak, and Valley.  (peak = height of foam finger and valley = lowest point)  I am using a spline whos shape is driven by another variable "number of convolutions" per length or width.


What I ultimately want to do is drive the number of linear copies of that single spline nn amount of times until it reaches my limit.  (which, in this case, is the Length)


I hope this makes sense.  SW forces me to enter a numerical value only in the # of copies dialog box.  What I need to do is enter a variable.  Perhaps there is another method altogether?


I have attached a PDF screen shot showing the sketch.  If it helps to clarify, what I want to do is to later change the variable L from 12 to, say, 15 and then change the variable NCL from 6 to maybe 8 or 10.


L = Length

NCL = # of convolutions in the Length direction  (also determines the peak to peak value)


Thank you in advance.