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Routing Library Manager

Question asked by Wes Mosier on Mar 8, 2011
Latest reply on May 4, 2011 by Philip Lewis

So far, I've just been routing using my own library, clicking past all those warnings that pop up saying... "Warning! This part is not in your libary and could cause the world to spin out of control".


But today I wanted to set it up ... correctly.  So I opened up my Routing Library Manager to point it to my company's library on our server.... and after I point to it, then click the OK button on the bottom, I get this....


"Invalid file path: C:\Program Files\Solidworks\data\design library\routing\electrical\cable.xml"


First off, I was trying to point to the routing library under "general routing", and couldn't care less about the electrical paths listed below under... "electrical cabling"


So being the savy computer nerd I am... I do a complete hard drive search for "cable.xml".   nothing found.

What about.... standard tubes.xls?  nothing found.

What about.... tag schemes.xml?  nothing found.

same result for coverings.xml, components.xml, standard cables.xml and coverings-electrical.xml




Where can I download them, so I can throw them into a directory to satisfy solidworks?




After I posted this, I ran accross which pretty much may be the same problem.

I'll talk to my var and see what he says.  If anyone else has any ideas, I'd still like to hear them.