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Job search in Ontario Area

Question asked by Lalu Yadav on Mar 8, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2011 by Mike Agan
Hello Everyone
Currently, I work as "SolidWorks Administrator / Mechanical Engineer" in my company. I have like 25 users and I do some programming also to make people's life easy. And, I administer PDM Workgroup. I can admit that I am not a great machine designer or even a great engineer. I have a mechanical engineer degree and I do ok as an engineer. Comparing to current economy and job situation out there, I think I have a good salary and a stable job.
Here is my real question though. I am planning to move to Ontario (most likely Toronto) sometime this year. The move is mainly for family reasons. I am little worried about job prospects there. I mean I have no idea how is the job situation over there. With things I have done in last few years, am I gonna be able to land a job over there.
I am hoping that people familiar with this area can give me some direction about the situation and also give me direction about things I can do now to improve myself.
Thanks in advance,