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How to control the visibility of a PMP textbox on the fly.

Question asked by Allan Sauder on Mar 7, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2011 by Igor Parra

Hi 'Experts',


This is a API / VB question with regards to PropertyManagerPage Contols and their dynamic visibility


I've been working on a rather massive Addin to be able to generate processing instructions for a C&C machine.   So far getting data out has worked, but now my challenge is the real-estate of the PropertyManagerPage controls and the 'enter this only when you do that'.


What I would like to do is enable visibility of some controls when I check or uncheck a Checkbox control.


I know I can make a group 'expand / unexpand' and that I can set a contol's visibility while I create it with Addcontrol.


In particular I would like to do the same type of function as appears to be available with the 'Property Tab Builder' in the advanced option (right side / bottom half)




Any help would be greatly appreciated.