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    Hide parts in simulation

    JD Webb

      After you have run a simulation is there a way to remove some of the parts so that you can see the stresses on the part you are really interested in. Also is there a way to remove the stresses at an interface i'm not interested in?



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          Kevin De Smet

          For your parts question: go into the plot options and make sure an option along the lines of "only for shown parts" is on. Then hide the bodies in your analysis tree you want to not see. Lastly, refresh your plot, by hiding and showing again.


          As for your second question, I am interested in that too.

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            Anthony Botting

            For "removing" stresses. I have had good luck using Isosurface plots. You can at least limit, or isolate the stress values you do not want to see, with two or more iso-surfaces by directly typing-in the values that you want to have plotted, and the values in-between do not show up. Hope that helps. -Tony