PhotoWorks Wish List

Discussion created by Guest on May 24, 2005
1. Batch render; so you can save views and camera settings and then hit render all the views at once so you can go to lunch come back and the renderings are ready to be made into a composition in photoshop
2. More realistic lighting between front view and isometric perspective view , when the light is right in the perspective view and you go to the front everything is always very bright
3. Brushed aluminum that looks like brushed aluminum
4. Having a configuration setup just for photoworks so you can do 4 different color studies without having to go into assembly configurations (i am not sure if this is possible) I sometimes have a hard time to have paint stick when I switch configurations.
5. A way to put the model on the floor in the studio so that you do not have to draw the floor as a surface
6. An easier way to make glass look like glass. I have a project where they wanted a caviar packaging to look like the real thing and I have been having a hell of a time with that.