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    What is your reaction to SolidWorks n!Fuze/Register for Beta

    Dan Burmenko

      Did you see SolidWorks n!Fuze at SolidWorks World or read about it on the blogs?  Do you have an interest in this product for sharing data with customers/suppliers or are you happy with your current methods for doing this?



      SolidWorks is currently recruiting particants for Beta 2.  You can register by following this link! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/nFuzeBeta

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          Chris Challinor

          Not interested in any Cloud technology.............

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            Gerald Davis

            Dan Burmenko wrote:

            Do you have an interest in this product for sharing data with customers/suppliers...

            It is not clear to me what productivityadvantages n!Fuze offers over DropBox.


            ProblemA: Need to send CAD data to manufacturing.

            • Solution #1 - Use Pack&Go to generate zip file containing all cad files (e.g. sheet metal & pems & drawings) directly into a DropBox folder seen by the recipient.
            • Solution #2 - Use File>Save As to generate version neutral cad file (e.g. x_t, STEP, iges) then zip & email.
            • Solution #3 - Use ftp client (e.g. CuteFTP, Windows Exporer, Safari) to send data to recipient.


            ProblemB: Need to review the design with other minds.

            • Solution #1 - Use Fuze Meeting to host the synchronized design review.
            • Solution #2 - Distribute 3D viewable files for asyncrhonous review (e.g. 3D PDF, Edrawings, animation clips, Post3D).
            • Solution #3 - Face to face meeting w/CAD projected on the wall (becomming less frequent but remains a good way to discuss detail).


            ProblemC: Need to collaborate with a geographically distributated ad-hoc team with tight control over IP (intellectual property).

            • Solution #1 - Use DropBox/email/FTP as a repository for shared data (versatile but not secure).
            • Solution #2 - Use VPN connection to vault for shared PDM access to data (secure but slow).


            The solutions for ProblemA lack revision management; the CAD data quickly diverges as manufacturing edits the model for manufacturability. Auditing the history of distribution and changing the rights of access are challenging.  Extra software / UI tools are needed; no direct integration with the 3D CAD editor.  Comments and narrative is entombed in a separate database - not directly associated with the CAD data.


            The solutions for ProblemB require the installation of software in addition to the 3D CAD editor - I really need a 3D viewer that has super simple UI - iPhone app type stuff.  Adobe 3D PDF is great except for the file size.  eDrawings are good except for the "complexity" of the UI - few of my decision makers are willing to learn to use it.  SolidWorks Viewer is overkill/supertechy.


            The solutions for ProblemC all require editing of local copies of the 3D CAD data and then "re-sharing" the final version.  It might be more fun to use a common folder for direct editing of all files (eliminating the requirement for local copies).  Administration of rights and specification of the type of storage media used for the project should be easy to manage. I think I want my collaborating team to be using a thin client editor for true real-time editing.


            As a reference, I'm considering a collaborating team to include experts in machining, sheet metal, molded components, electronics, thermal management, user experience, product support, and budgeting.


            My vision is that my customer could set up a folder, grant access to the collaborating team, have us all complete our chores with the shared data, then change the rights for optimum IP security (possibly eliminating the access of the original collaborating team), and perhaps transferring the data to local storage.  I'd like to have the shared folder be easy to access from within SolidWorks.  I'd like to have the admin component be entirely browser based so my client/customer has a minimum cost of ownership (i.e. virtually no installed software).


            My understanding of n!Fuze is that it competes with FTP/email/DropBox by offering tighter integration with the SolidWorks UI.  Integration (or lack thereof) with SW isn't causing my greatest restriction on productivity.


            I loose time when zipping/distributing due to omissions (forgot to include all of the required files or forgot to attach to email), verification of correct revision, and verification that the proposed changes are acceptable (no 2 sheet metal shops use the same K-factor for some reason).  Collecting all of the data and presenting it as an integrated package as my final "deliverable" ranges from trivial to huge file sizes.


            I am charmed by some aspects of the n!Fuze concept -

            • Comments and notes are readily accessed in the context of the 3D data.
            • Access can be administered conveniently.
            • Easy to locate all of the data in a single workspace (that may be more of a curse than a blessing).
            • Tight integration with the 3D CAD UI.
            • Excellent data security & backup (the data is 100% in existence even though the access may be 99% or less).
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              Tom Strohscher

              I don't believe we would have any interest in the product.


              There are so many ways to communicate information we struggle to find one that really works.  Most fail to deliver for some reason or another.  Justifiction for projects like these require a large picture to be understood and embraced by upper management.  Even when they are, getting buy in from employee is difficult.  Users still stuggle with e-mail, users struggle with SW, users struggle getting a adobe files to open correctly.  The list goes on and on.   Users struggle getting their laptop computers to work off the network as well as on the network. The last severa video conference call meetings I've been is we all site and watch a static image because communications fail.  Things will never be seamless and this just seems to be another layer of something that prommisses but will miss the mark.


              As far as using CAD data on a portable device I think most of the sales people out there must be crazy.  Yes you might be able to see something.  But that's about it.  Can you really evaluate a design in such a small view.  I would certinly question any approvals that happen from a portable device with a poor view because I know that the information was quickly scanned on the way to the next appointment.  I would rather have people sit down and take the time to study the information which does not happen with small devices.


              I also can't get pass the thought that at least once a day I will get a cell phone call where I can't understand the person on the other end of the line.  Calls are still dropped and everyone says "can you hear me now".  This is reality.    It's real easy to imagen sending a file to fuze and then a dozen phone calls getting users the right app, for the right device, permissions, passphases with letters number and caps that knowone remember... I struggle to type this in a forum that can't even display a cursor where the next letter is going to be.  Sorry but my faith in SW technology is dwindling. Too complex for what we need.


              I would rather SW work on existing products making them the best they can be rather the new idea because Microsoft think it has a new direction.


              Is SW doing this because AutoCAD has Buzzsaw?


              PS  I'm here on the forum because our SW has been down all day.  20 users sitting with little to do because our server decided it doesn't want to provide license files anymore.  Sorry but the faith in technology is dwindling.

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                  Jerry Steiger



                  Also well said. I wouldn't want someone reviewing my design on the notebook I'm using right now, let along a phone or a tablet.


                  I did discover something last night while trying to follow the forum on this piece of Dell. Because the screen resolution is small, I tried setting the size of the window I was typing in to less than 100% down at the bottom right. My cursor proceeded to move across the screen as if the window was still at 100%, so my letters got further and further behind. Is that the kind of problem you are having? I'm using IE8.


                  Jerry Steiger