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Inventors Plug-in for Solidoworks. Please help.

Question asked by Bonnie Kho on Mar 7, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2011 by Bonnie Kho

I need to open an Inventor formatted file on Solidoworks for editting/rebuilt. Yes, it did, however it was imported as an object WITHOUT 'features', meaning non indications of how the model was built - the features suchs as 'sketch', ' extruded', "cut extrude' , 'fillet'...etc. were not brought along into solidworks when i opened the file. It just showed as "imported" on my left side tab. I did some research , and found datakit has some useful solutions for my purpose. But I do not know which one is the right one - the choices which I have are teh following :

1) Crossmanager

2) Crossxpert

3) Inventor 3D to Solidowrks


I am leaning towards (3) because no license is needed to use the plug-ins, however again, I am not positive if it will be just opened up as an 'object'.

Please give me advice whoever knows and has experience regarding this situation.  Thanks ahead.