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Sheet Metal Cut thru bends

Question asked by Mukesh Prasad on Mar 7, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2011 by Mukesh Prasad

What is the correct way to make the cut at the end of this part (the one without the radius all the way at the end). I read that any cut that goes thru bends needs to have the part un-fold then make the cut. I tried this but I am having a real hard time how to dimension the cut away area (length wise) to have the correct dimension per the 3D model after it is folded back to its real shape. The way I did it in the attachment is not correct because after I fold the bends I don't get the correct dimensions as in the step file. I did make the cut without unfolding the bends first and I was able to achieve the correct dimensions after the part was flattened. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

By the way this part was imported from SDRC as a step file.

On another note, where is the Gap information kept in Sheet Metal?