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Installation Problem with Soildworks 2011 SP0 - "Install FAILED with code 1620"

Question asked by Martin Teufel on Mar 6, 2011
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Can anyone help us with the following Problem: We are trying to install SW 2011 SP0 on a Windows 7 Professional 32 Bit.


During the Install-Procedure we get the error "Install FAILED with code 1620".


Does anyone have a solution for this Problem?





15:26:39 Info Step 0 "Installing MSI:  E:\swwi\data\SolidWorks.Msi; command-line: INSTALLDIR="C:\Program  Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks\"   ADDLOCAL=FeatureWorks,PhotoView,SolidWorksAnimator,SolidWorksToolbox,SolidWorksUtilities,CoreSolidWorksTaskScheduler,InstantWebsite,Simulation,Motion,SolidWorksDesignChecker,RealViewGraphicsdisplay,ExampleFiles,Manuals,XchangeWorks,HelpFiles,Intel_Modules_AgeiaX86    SLDIM=1 REBOOT=ReallySuppress XCHANGEWORKSOPTION=1 ADSKSELECTION=7  ADSKFOLDER="C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2009\" TOOLBOXFOLDER="C:\SolidWorks Data\"  OFFICEOPTION=2 ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT=1  IMTOKEN=f73d9c8a2b3315d6bf5c6___________
(ID SolidWorks, lang , pcode  {D0D3BFE5-5215-_________________}, mode 2, upg = , f0, costKB  3983476)"
15:26:40 Info Status 55803 "Erhaltene Daten vom  Installations-Manager-Server (Skript: Code: 0, Fehler: , Datei: <none>)"
15:29:08 Error Status 0 "***START  DUMP OF WINDOWS INSTALLER DATA***"
15:29:08 Error Status 0 "***END DUMP OF  WINDOWS INSTALLER DATA***"
15:29:08 Error Step 0 "** Install FAILED with code  1620"



Kinde Regards

Martin Teufel

Graz, Austria