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EPDM Active Directory Windows Log in

Question asked by Jacob Powell on Mar 6, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2011 by Jacob Powell

We just relocated our virtual SQL server from one facility to another. Everyting seemed go to very smootly until I tried to log in, I kept getting you username/password is incorrect. I was able to log in as EPDM user "Admin" and brose through our vault and check out/in files.


When I log into the Admin tool and expand the users list, all uses except Admin have red plus signs by them.


We did create a new replicated server from scratch and then replicated all files to it before shutting down and relocating the SQL server, so I am not sure if there were some setting from this newly built server that were set up incorrectly and repliated to the other 2 archive servers. Even though I never replicated from this new server to anything, only from the existing two archive servers to the new server.