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Make slot width equal Woodruff key width

Question asked by David O'Neil on Mar 5, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2011 by David O'Neil

I found one solution to this problem while writing this up (it has been a long hour), but is there another one?  The fix I found was on this thread:, by creating in-context features from the Woodruff key into the sketch of the slot.  Basically,


  • I have an assembly file
  • One of the virtual parts in the file is a shaft with a slot for a Woodruff key
  • The Woodruff key is in an external file, and it contains a design table with configurations


My original equation was without in-contexting anything, and the equation looked like:


  • "D2@Sketch2" = "D1@Extrude@WoodruffKeys.sldprt"*25.4  ' (The Woodruff file is in inches, the assembly is in mm.)


It actually worked once (miraculously) but I couldn't get it to update properly when I changed the key configuration.  So I tried changing the equation to


  • "D2@Sketch2" = "D1@Extrude@WoodruffKeys<1>"*25.4


but that didn't work, either (nor did a few other guesses as to how the <1> might go in).  Is there a solution without in-contexting, or is what I found the only way to go?