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    Notification by Variable

    Adrian Velazquez

      Hi all,


      I don't know if I'm missing somethingi, I'm starting to setup Notifications and I can't figure this out. We work on multiple Projects at once each one has a different Project Engineer/Manager. I created a Template that creates the Folder Structure and some files for the project, the Template Card has a Variable called "Project Engineer" (From a ComboList).


      Now I'm trying to set a Transition Notification on a commom workflow for all projects that will only go to each Project Engineer depending on what the "Project Engineer" Variable is.



      Is this possible? I can't find any options for Variables on the Notification Dialog



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          Devon Sowell

          Hello Adrian-


          I can't see a way to Notify by Variable, maybe some one else can.


          I'd recommend Dynamic Transition Notifications where the user can choose the notification recipients.


          Devon Sowell


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            Raghavendra Bhagavan.S.M

            Hello Adrian,


            I am sure this can be done by using the dispatch to send a notification using the run time variable mapped to the data card.


            But i would recommend to use the Dynamic Notifications as Devon Mentioned. It eases the job.


            Cheers !


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              Jeff Walters

              Yes it can be done as an automatic function of the workflow. BUT as stated above I would recommend using the Dynamic notifications as well. It would be much easier and allow more flexibility.


              With that said you can create a pass thru state with an automatic transition for each “Project Engineer”. Inside the transition properties you can set a condition to check the “Project Engineer” variable and then do a “Send Mail” Action to that person.


              Extremely tedious to administer and time consuming to set up especially if it needs to be done in more than one place.


              Recommend using the Dynamic notifications.

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                Jeff Sweeney

                Can you use group members?


                In this example, jsweeney is a "manager" if the file is in "\Project #1022" (or any subs).


                Thus if the file is in project 1022, and the notification says to notify the managers, jsweeney will be notified. If the file is not in that project, jsweeney will not be notified.

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                  Jake Whittaker

                  We have a limited number (60ish) Customers and we are wanting to select the sales contact from a list and send them a message on certain transitions.  Dynamic notifications or pass thru states.  Any ideas?

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                    Ravi Teja

                    Hi Adrian,

                                How many "Project Engineers" do have.How often new names are added to list or removed?


                                I came across this situations.No. of PE = 5

                                We made 5 transitions between two states (between which notifications are needed).and gave conditions so that only one PE realated file go through one transition.and setup the notifications.

                                 and also named all the transitions the same.


                                 Now any user have only one option (as name of transitions are same).but files follow different path and notifications are shot differently.

                                 But it all depends on number of engineers u have.You wouldnt want to modify WFs very often.






                    Ravi T