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Multiple Mate References

Question asked by Ryan Bowerman on Mar 4, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2011 by Scott McFadden

Ok guys first time on the forums, hoping someone can help me out. Searched a bit and found a lot of threads dealing with mate refs, but none really pertaining to the issue I'm experencing. As a side project I've been trying to prep a lot of my company's electrical connectors with c points so I can start dropping in wire harnesses that our products use in our solid models using SW Routing so they are clearer more accurate and just generally easier to work with.


I have a six pin Molex connector housing that holds six crimps. I'm trying to set it up so that the Molex connector has a mate reference in the six different spots that the crimps can be placed. I get the how to set up mate reference correctly as well as all making sure all the references share the same name, though once all six are placed in the Molex and I move on to the assembly and try to inseft the crimps the software has a hard time distinguishing between the different references. It will only regesters one or two out of the six.


I know adding in the individual crimps is tedious and overall probably not needed seeing my company is now going to be considering our crimps a supply insead of an item based on how many we actually use. I will more then likely end up not using the crimps in the model and just creating the c points on the Molex, but this has now become more of a personal indevor with my free time. Also aware after thinking about it that if the crimps were what I was using for the c points, once I tried moving the harness to an assembly drawing the molex connectors would not be included in the the harness assembly or the parts list for that matter. This is still a topic or issue I would like to solve though.


Overall it seems or I think at least it to be a size issue because when I create a few simple test parts that are larger they seem to not have the same problem. This really has nothing to do with the routing at this point so has as anyone else ever incountered this issue in any form of assembly with a single part that has multiple mate references? Is it maybe just a limitation of the software? What do you guys think?