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    PDF bookmarks

    Douglas Leach

      I was just wondering if anyone knows how to stop Solidworks from creating bookmarks while doing as Save As PDF? I know that printing as a PDF doesn't have this issue, but I have to adjust the file name (removed "-Sheet 1") everytime I do it. Even with the bookmarks it is easier to do a save as then a print, but it would be even better if I could get rid of the bookmarks.

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          Deepak Gupta

          I have no clue why the two methods for creating the PDF yield different results. The only option may be to use the macro which will Print the drawing file as PDF with the file name as required.

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            Scott McFadden


            I have no clue as well.  Never encountered what you are talking about.  I usually

            select print to PDF because I have come across clarity issues or info missing

            when saving to PDF.  Is it possible that somewhere in the print settings there

            is something that is causing this that maybe when checked on or off would eliminate this?

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              Matthew Lorono

              Looks like your thread got hijakced.  


              Save as PDF will automatically include bookmarks.  There's no setting to turn them off, even in API (AFAIK).  I actually prefer them.  I intentionally use SaveAs method to have them, and wish there was a setting to include them in the Print method.


              They can be hidden Adobe, but I don't think anyone has ever complained to me about them.

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                  Keith Frankie

                  I wish we had control over this also.  I dislike the bookmarks, they are useless and take up space on my screen.


                  As I understand it the settings used to create the PDF determine if the bookmarks bar shows up when the PDF is opened.  SW doesn't let the user change these settings, so the 'save as pdf' method always makes PDFs that open with the bookmarks shown.  I would imagine its a very simple change on SW's behalf to give users control over this.


                  It looks like it should be easy to post process the PDFs using either Adobe's software or some free utility and remove the bookmarks, but thats more effort than I care to take.

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                  Markku Lehtola

                  Ghostscript can be used to remove bookmarks quite easily...the problem is that file size increases a lot. Other available solutions seem to be all commercial SDK's.





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                    Don Cheke

                    I suspect that the difference is because two different processes (code) are used. When using the Print function you get to take advantage of all print properties, whereas the export to PDF filter is likely a different type of code licensed and wired into the program with the writer's/coder's specs (which are not accessible to the user). As far as I know many filters are written by other companies and purchased or leased by CAD developers for implementation into their own systems. That is why some things take so long to get fixed, because they have to wait for changes from these other providers (at least that is what I have heard on occasion).


                    I know print to PDF take longer but that may be the quickest option, unless you can write a macro as someone suggested.